Coordination: Purposeful Movement at a Young Age

Friday, November 2, 2018 - 8:50am

I don't know about yours but my 3-year-old gets hurt often. She runs into doors and walls, trips over her own feet, and is constantly making messes because she isn't paying attention to what is in her hands.

Sound familiar?

Biologically and developmentally, young children are wired to move and most have a tendency of doing it without much thought. This is one of the many reasons why the Montessori philosophy puts heavy emphasis on CCIO: Concentration, Coordination, Independence, and Order. Concentration and coordination work collaboratively, assisting in the mindful body movement of a young child through repetitious tasks and progressing to complex logical sequences.

Some tasks that promote coordination include:

  • setting the table (placing chairs, plates, napkins, cups-1 at a time)
  • carrying a heavy wooden block to a table
  • balancing on the line
  • washing a table
  • pouring solids and liquids
  • cutting on jagged, squiggly, and straight lines
  • sewing
  • tweezing work

These can all be completed (practiced) by children ages 3+ years old and become progressively more intricate as they age and practice. They are all used in the classroom, family room, and can easily be replicated at home!

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